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JKL Services provides a number of gardening services throughout Croydon and surrounding areas so you are free to enjoy the beauty and surroundings of your garden. We have much experience mowing, trimming and renovating gardens, so you can trust us to always do an excellent job should you choose us to work on your garden.

We are here to help, whether you need us to work on your garden on a bank holiday or the weekend, in rain or shine – we will do it. We love working in the outdoors – and there is nothing more satisfying to us than leaving your garden fresher, cleaner and prettier. At the same time, we get total fulfilment from coming back and visiting our clients and rewarding their loyalty by always finishing each job to the best of our abilities.

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Our Gardening Services




Gardening Maintenance

We understand that looking after your garden can take a lot of effort. If you are pushed for time or you just don’t have the capability – schedule a timetable in with us and we will always arrive on time to care for your garden. Whether you need weeding, leaf blowing or planting, our dedicated gardeners in Croydon will make sure that your garden is properly looked after.

Garden Clean Up

If you have let your garden become ugly and overgrown – let us make it beautiful again. You may be worried about the efforts and high expense involved in cleaning up your garden. At JKL Services we have deep cleaned a number of properties and we will have your garden looking green again. We will also dispose of all your waste including soils, weeds and overgrown plants.

Lawn Care

We know the best methods to keep your garden looking green and luscious. As well as properly mowing your lawn, we will fix any bald patches and keep the edges straight and tidy. Scheduled weeding will ensure that your garden always looks it best.



Gardener in Croydon, gardening maintenance and flower beds

Gardener in Croydon, garden cleaning

Gardener in Croydon, jet washing and patio maintenance


Gutter Cleaning

It is easy to forget about your gutters, but they are essential components in your house. If they get clogged with muck this can have a serious effect on the drainage, encourage infestations and impact on the structure of your property. A regular cleaning from JKL Services will safeguard your gutters and your property from the elements.

Jet Washing

Over time patios, driveways and decking can really lose their colour and shine. Jet washing is a great way of getting rid of the grime and dirt that taints these surfaces. We do not use chemicals when we clean – just high impact water, so you will really be able to see the difference when we finish.

 Hedge Maintenance

Looking after the hedges on your property can be hard work. They may be large and blocking the natural sunlight into your home. At JKL Services, we have the skills and equipment to keep your hedges tidy and attractive – and always at a reasonable cost.



 Gardener in Croydon, lawn maintenance and grass cutting

Gardener in Croydon, fencing and decking. garden maintenance 

 Gardener in Croydon, garden clearance and maintenance, lawn gutting


Tree Surgery

Cutting small and medium trees on your property is serious work and can be dangerous if you have never done such a thing before. We have the experience of altering and reducing trees on a number of properties in the Croydon area and we know just what to do whether you require tree pruning, tree removal and disposal.


 If your fencing has fallen apart or you wish to improve privacy and security on your property by erecting some barriers, we can do that for you properly, quickly and at a reasonable rate. Whichever style of materials or styles you wish to fix or install, get in touch to see how we can help.

Shrub Pathway Planting and Maintenance

We are also experienced in looking after the hedges, shrubs and plants that cover your pathways and driveways. We can expertly look after all of these areas as well as look out for nuisances such as weeds.



Gardener in Croydon, driveway maintenance. weed clearance

Gardener in Croydon, weed clearing and commercial space maintenance

Gardener in Croydon, weed clearing and flower bed/ shrubbery maintenance.


Corporate and Public Commercial Space Greenery Maintenance

If you are local organisation, council or property management service you may be responsible for a communal or public area. JKL Services can provide scheduled maintenance any day of the work at a low-cost affordable price, to keep your grounds fresh and inviting for the public and visitors.





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